Unos Enlaces Interesantes

  1. Grade Calculation in Excel
  2. Summer work for AP Spanish
  3. Formulario para el vocabulario en la clase AP
  4. The Blueberry Story
  5. El Prontuario para la clase AP
  6. Superb Spanish Poetry Site
  7. A Webquest about La Llorona
  8. A Rubric I use for my students' writing.
  9. University of Toledo
  10. Tecla in Spanish from Birkbeck--A great source of reading material for beginners to advanced students. Produced by Universtiy of Birkbeck (England) and the Spanish Embassy.
  11. Lonely Planet Online--A Travel Guide for the entire world.
  12. Hispanos Famosos--A long list of famous hispanics.
  13. Mundo Hispano--A good place to chat with hispanics from around the world. Needs a telnet application.
  14. amigo! Mexico Art & Culture Dir
  15. La Galería de los Desaparecidos--A gruesome true tale of political genocide in Argentina.
  16. Online Tutorial -- This is an excellent online tutorial for beginners. It is complete with RealAudio files for listening, practice exercises and tests. Check it out. It's very good.