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Clear / Understandable -- Can this be understood? How clear is it? Does it need interpretation? Do you have to guess at what the sentences mean? Are the words in the right order in the sentence? Are there English words?

Correct Grammatically -- Do nouns and adjectives agree? Are adjectives placed after nouns? Do subjects and verbs agree? Are verbs conjugated properly? Do -ar verbs use -ar endings and -er verbs use -er endings etc.? If there are two verbs next to one another, is only one conjugated? Does it use the correct tense? Does it use the personal “a”? Are object pronouns placed before conjugated verbs?

Varied Sentences -- Do the sentences vary from the subject - verb - complement sentence structure? Does it use words like “because, when, but, where, who, that, while, during, etc.”

Details --
Are there several details about one subject? Take any sentence and ask “who, what, where, when, why, how and how many.” Are those questions answered in the composition?

Organized --
Are there enough details to be organized? If you do not have enough details, you cannot organize them. Are the sentences in a logical order? Are related sentences placed together? Are there paragraphs?

Does it answer the assignment? --
If the assignment is about your summer, did you write about your summer? If the assignment is about your best friend, did you write about your best friend? Are there details that are irrevelant?






Clear / Understandable
Correct Grammatically
Varied Sentences
Answer assignment?